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Gear lust (part three) – iPad philosophy, functionality, limitations, improvements

26 Jul

One subject that has been debated often recently is the iPad (and iPhone’s) lack of multitask capeability. With the release of Android OS Apple has some heat under it’s butt from the public to include this function with it’s operating system. Apple reports that multi-tasking programs will be possible with iPhone/iPad OS4.

As the owner of a Droid phone I am used to multi-tasking on my devices and I immediately saw a setback with the iPad OS. You mean I can’t run AIM in the background while I check email and stocks? This is definitely a limitation. But I wonder if Apple is trying to train our kinetic minds to pay attention to one thing at a time. With iBook I started to appreciate the lack of other functions because I didn’t want to be interrupted while reading. But I still want multi-task on the iPad and I continue to find new reasons to want it.

Another drawback I found is the lack of widgets (like the Android uses) and the ability to customize my homepage experience on the iPad. I know this is asking a lot.. and the iPad interface is amazing. But it would be very cool to customize what the iPad does when you turn it on. Likewise, it would be cool to be able to program a sequence of events on the iPad.. sort of like applescripts.